About the Yogaswing

Discover the ultimate yoga accessory

The Yogaswing is a fun and safe way to exercise yoga positions that you previously thought were not possible. In this hammock-like swing you will experience the freedom that comes with practicing yoga as you have never done before. You will benefit from a complete body workout, using more muscles than with any other exercise equipment.

The Yogaswing is safe and easy to use. It gives you the ability to reach inverted positions and takes your yoga practicing to new levels. In addition, it may help to relieve neck and back aches, as it relieves pressure on the vertebrae. The Yogaswing is produced in Bali and made of the highest quality materials. The material is comfortable, sturdy and washer friendly. The Yogaswing can be adjusted for your height.

The Yogaswing will enable you to exercise in every direction: horizontal as well as vertical. Not only will you be able to practice asana’s (yoga postures and poses), but it also works wonders for training of pelvic and back muscles. The most important inverted yoga postures, Sirsasana and Sarvangasana, are not only renowned for their deep and healing effects on the vertebrae, but also for the calming effect on our minds. The yoga swing provides you with that same unique experience: one of complete weightlessness and calmness.

Using the yoga swing regularly will stretch and tone your muscles, thereby strengthening and rejuvenating your body. People with back problems will benefit from the release of pressure. More information on the medical background of the yoga swing may be found in our FAQ

To facilitate easy use of the yoga swing, every customer will receive a free workout DVD (in English) along with their purchase.

Find out what the yoga swing can do for you and order your own yogaswing today!