Installing the yoga swing is relatively easy. It comes with an installation instruction and user manual.

Where do I install my yoga swing?
Yoga swings may be hung on anything you can tie a rope to and that will support your weight. Most people use a beam or steel ceiling hooks. If you use a beam, test the sturdiness in advance. Ceiling hooks that are already in place should be able to carry your weight; if you have doubts or need to purchase/install ceiling hooks, consult your local hardware store for advice.

Outside in your garden or balcony will work as well, if you have a place to fasten the yoga swing. Just make sure you have at least 60 cm (about two feet) of space in all directions.

How do I install my yoga swing?
Your swing comes with a rope, which you need to adjust it. Do you use a beam? Then you will need about six meters of additional strong rope to mount it around a beam. We also suggest you use a small towel or cloth to put between the beam and the rope, to avoid chafing of the rope which would eventually cause it to break.

If you use ceiling hooks, the rope of the yoga swing will not come in direct contact with the hooks, as it is covered by steel rope protectors.

Tie a strong knot in the rope at the point where the looped end becomes level. The distance between the floor and the rope loop should be about 2.60 meters (8-9 feet). Wrap the knotted adjustment rope around loop.

The swing saddle, which hangs free, should be at hip level. Adjust the yoga swing to make it match your height. Should you want to invert, your head should be at least 10 cm (4-5 inches) above the floor.